Coat of Arms

Tönisvorst's coat of arms is a symbiosis of both coats of arms from the former independent communities Vorst and St. Tönis, which were combined into one city in 1970 within the framework of a communal reorganisation. The city's coat of arms – the emblem of the City of Tönisvorst – is protected by law. Only the City of Tönisvorst is authorised to use it. The coat of arms may be used for heraldic purposes as well as other private, non-commercial activities. A commercial use is prohibited. In no way may the coat of arms be used to effect the impression of official business towards third parties. Request for the use of the coat of arms along with its planned usage, the required file format and the user address may be directed by mail to: The City of Tönisvorst, Mayor's Office, Bahnstrasse 15, 47918 Tönisvorst or by e-mail to


Coat of Arms City of  Tönisvorst

Silver with a reversed blue triangle with a floating golden Antonius cross.In accordance with the law of communal reorganisation of the District of Kempen-Krefeld, the two communities St. Tönis and Vorst were combined into one large community Tönisvorst on January 1, 1970. The coat of arms of the new community unites in one symbol the colours blue/silver from the earlier coat of arms of Vorst with the colours blue/gold from the earlier coat of arms of St.Tönis, from which the Antonius Cross hails as well. The reverse triangle in form of a Latin V is also a reference to the first letter of district of Vorst.
permission to bear the coat of arms was granted to the Community Tönisvorst by Official Certificate from the district president on June 22, 1972




Coat of  Arms City of St. Tönis


"a blue Antonius Cross floating in gold" Basis for the coat of arms is the community's jury seal dating from the late 16th century. The coat of arms is a gold shield with the blue Antonius Cross. Since the community of St. Tönis carries the name of its patron saint, using his symbol for the coat of arms seemed a logical solution. The community of St. Tönis was granted permission to bear the coat of arms by official certificate from the District President on January 9, 1956.







Coat of Arms city of Vorst

The basic colour is silver. The heraldic elements of the Vorst coat of arms have their origins in its historic past. The coat of arms is divided into 4 sections by the black cologne electorate cross. The two upper sections show the coats of arms of the two former manorial lords of Vorst, left the one of Brempt (5 horizontal crossbars), right the ones of Donk (a glaive). The key in the lower left section hails from the court of law of the cologne electorate in the old St. Peter Church (Honschaft Court, St. Peter Chapel – also oldest Christian church in the Kempen area -). The Bishop's crosier in the lower right section is testimony of the church patron St. Gotthardus, former bishop of Hildesheim.
The Community of Vorst was granted permission to carry the coat of arms by order of the Prussian Prime Minister and the Prussian Ministry of the Interior on April 20, 1928.