Commercial and Industrial Areas

The Tönisvorst Commercial and Industrial Areas

Even if Tönisvorst used to be a textile and milling location, the face of the city has strongly changed throughout the course of industrial development. Textile industry may only be found in three locations anymore. Tönisvorst's new, broad orientation is based on a multitude of different products manufactured and a multi-faceted spectrum of services being offered.

Tönisvorst’s economy does have one outstanding feature: Strongly represented are manufacturers of machines for metal processing, mechanical engineering and apparatus engineering, such as Arca Regler, Graeven, Jacob Hülsen or Ziemes und Söhne. Today, the City of Tönisvorst has five commercial and industrial areas with a total of around 132 hectares. The trade tax rate is currently 403 points.

Here are the individual areas:

Industrial Area Tempelshof:

Tempelshof is the largest industrial area in Tönisvorst with around 48 hectares. Located in the middle between the two city districts of Vorst and St. Tönis in a very scenic setting, the industrial area is connected to the Düsseldorfer Strasse (L 362) and to the freeways A44, A40 and A52. Tempelshof is home to 84 companies, including Hefe van Haag, daylight systems by Interferenz, the solar technology specialist Thürlings as well as companies such as Barkhausen, Tivadar, Noffz Computer Technology or the company APRO which is active in the area of stainless steel processing.

Commercial Area "Höhenhöfe":

Right across the street from the Industrial Area Tempelshof, there is the Commercial Area "Höhenhöfe" with around 32 hectares and 20 businesses. Here is the home of the "Future Store" real supermarket as well as a broad mix of businesses, both retail stores and restaurants.


Industrial Area Ost ("East"): 

With its 36 hectares, this industrial area is located directly by the Krefeld city limits. 45 companies are at home here, largely crafts businesses.

Also located here for example is the German central office of Daihatsu, the internationally operating company Jacob Hülsen GmbH and "Ziemes & Söhne". Due to its many vacant spaces, this area still has a great potential for development.


Industrial Area Kempener Strasse: 

The industrial area Kempener Strasse in Vorst is home to the internationally operating companies Abbelen and Arca Regler and has one other, very familiar face: Europe’s largest medical aid organisation action medeor. In total, the area encompasses around nine hectares.


Industrial Area Graverdyk:

The Industrial Area Graverdyk is largely formed by activities in the areas of construction materials processing, landscaping and horticulture as well as the reprocessing of construction materials, especially road construction waste. Thirteen different companies may be found here on about seven hectares of space.