Emergency Services

Do you need help? If it is an emergency, please call the fire department or emergency services using the emergency number 112. In case you need the police, please call 110.

The Emergency Physician system Tönisvorst, which meanwhile also serves Forstwald and Schicksbaum, may be reached without exception at 112. After an emergency call, an ambulance or an emergency physician should arrive within 8 minutes. An emergency physician is hailed in case of a life threatening situation involving injuries or illnesses. He is especially trained to handle such situations. The services of an emergency physician should not be confused with the emergency services provided by the network of general practitioners, which are outlined below.

In less urgent cases, the following services can provide assistance:

Emergency services provided by the general practitioner:

Most importantly: The emergency services provided by general practitioners do not replace an emergency physician! If any life is at risk, always dial 112! The emergency services provided by general practitioners may be reached at 02151 / 99-0 or can be sought out at the Tönisvorst Hospital. The emergency general practitioner on duty is the first contact for all illnesses and injuries at night or on the weekends for which one would consult a general practitioner on a regular weekday. The emergency general practitioner is the medical care for evenings and weekends. These are not emergency services for life-threatening cases.

The Tönisvorst Hospital: The Antonius Centre on the Hospitalstrasse:

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Tönisvorst, the Antoniuszentrum GmbH (Antonius Centre) with its hospital offers basic care around the clock with its Department of Internal Medicine with 75 beds and Surgery with 7 beds. Excellent surgical care is ensured in cooperation with the Maria-Hilf Hospital in Krefeld. Furthermore, the Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation with its 50 beds offers local rehabilitation for age-related illnesses. Aside from the hospital, the two senior citizen centres of the Antoniuszentrum GmbH – one in the city district St. Tönis and one in Vorst – offer a home to a total of 222 seniors for their remaining years.

Looking for a General Practitioner or Medical Specialist?

We have created a list of all practicing physicians in Tönisvorst, giving you with an overview of all local physicians here. And in case you require a specific medicine, the list also provides information on all pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical Emergency Services

Even outside of business hours, there are pharmacies in the District of Viersen that serve you in case of an emergency. They are glad to provide emergency medicines, supplies and advice around the clock.

Here you can find an overview of pharmacies on call for the District of Viersen.

The information provided in this portal about the pharmaceutical emergency services is non-binding, since short-term changes may sometimes not be reflected quickly enough. Definitive are the signs hanging in the respective pharmacies, listing the pharmacies on call in the near vicinity. The operator of this portal is not liable for the completeness or correctness of the information contained herein. In order to actually reach the pharmacy in case of an emergency, a telephone contact directly with the respective pharmacy is strongly recommended.

Here you can find information on individual pharmacies.