Parking in Tönisvorst

There is plenty of public parking in the City of Tönisvorst. five parking areas may be found in the city district St.Tönis, namely Willicher Strasse, Neuer Markt, Viersener Strasse, Benrader Strasse and Gelderner Strasse. The city district Vorst has four parking areas available: Gerkeswiese, Am Sportplatz, Hauptstrasse and Steinpfad. the parking areas offer space for anywhere from 50 to 200 vehicles.

A maximum parking duration of two hours on all public parking lots within city limits is enforced by the use of parking discs. There are appropriately marked handicapped parking spots on each lot and an appropriate system of traffic signs leads visitors to the individual parking offers.

What exactly is a handicapped parking spot and who is allowed to use it?

A handicapped parking spot may only be used by the severely handicapped, who are only able to move outside of their vehicle with great difficulty or with another person’s assistance. Only persons assigned the feature "exceptionally physically handicapped" (= aussergewöhnlich gehbehindert = aG) or "blind" (Bl) in their handicapped ID have a right to receive and display the blue parking permit on their car, which permits the holder to park in a handicapped spot.